Celebrating 30 Years – 1988 to 2019

Situated between Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, on the eastern side of California’s High Sierra Mountains, is the quiet and secluded wilderness estate of Rainbow Tarns. Open from the first of April until the end of October each year, you can enjoy Spring, Summer or Fall in the spectacular eastern Sierra with your relaxing stay here. Located just one mile from the tiny community of Tom’s Place, you enter into a wonderland with green meadows (complete with grazing sheep), rugged high desert hillsides and finally, enchanting meadow ponds (tarns) shaded by Aspens, Willows, Poplars and Pine trees. Feel free to visit the pages in this site, then indulge yourself by visiting us in person.


Your Innkeepers


Originally from La Canada in Southern California, Brock and Diane had never planned on being innkeepers. Having vacationed in the Eastern Sierras since their youth, their love of the area only grew as their 3 sons learned to enjoy the beauty and diversity of the region. They had always admired the meadow in which Rainbow Tarns lies, and when by chance or destiny they found themselves the owners of this “piece of heaven,”





Our Seasons
Unlike other parts of California, Rainbow Tarns enjoys 4 full seasons. This is due to its ideal elevation.Spring/Summer
Three ponds (tarns) shaded by Willows and Aspens are only a few steps from the  Read More
Things to Do
You’ll find plenty of things to do at Rainbow Tarns. Whether its peace and quiet you want or a more adventuresome escapade, the area around Rainbow Tarns has something to offer everyone.The lakes and streams of the Eastern Sierra Read More


Mammoth Lakes Area

FishLife in Mammoth is unique. Playing, staying and living in California’s Eastern Sierra is different than any other experience in the world. Those of us who live here love it. Come on up and do what you love!

Guests and residents alike share a responsibility for making Mammoth a great place to visit time and time again – for you, your children and generations to come.

The Town of Mammoth Lakes is a small but lively region of only four square miles, filled with passionate and generous people (population 8,234 year round residents – Census 2010) who have chosen to leave behind their urban lifestyles and experience the unique attributes of the Eastern Sierra.